Wall Of Pride

A House Fire, A Pizza Delivery Guy, And A Pizza Cutter...

One morning on GMA we saw a story about a pizza delivery guy who ran into a burring house and saved 6 kids. That's pretty badass in our book. The city the young man lived in, at an awards ceremony, gave him one of our blades as a gift. The story was picked up by the Purdue Exponent and then the local news station. The next thing we know, people are buying our product as a recognition statement in addition to a cool gift.

Below are a few of the stories of everyday people who have been given BADASS Pizza Cutters by us or others for some pretty amazing things.

Our small business isn't a high profit business. But, it is a wealth of fun. - and that's why we do what we do.

A Community Thanks A Hero

Bostic told police and news reporters he was driving by the early morning of July 11 and noticed the fire, but he didn’t have his phone and couldn’t wave down another

After alerting several of the children inside who were able to run out of the house, Bostic ran into the house and up the stairs and found Kaylani Barrett. Bostic punched out a window on the second floor and jumped with the child in his arms, landing on his side while trying to protect the girl.

In the concourse, Bostic was given a pizza cutter and letter of recognition from BAD ASS Pizza Cutters, as well as multiple gifts from LFD

Bad Ass Best Friends


"Two college wrestlers fight off grizzly bear and survive." 

"I could hear when his teeth would hit my skull," said one of the survivors.

"A true friend is someone who is there for you when he'd rather be anywhere else"

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- Len Wein


Bad Ass Student


Senior Matthew Myslenski's Harvard Acceptance Goes Viral

"I am over the moon. It's been my dream to go to this school since I was young!" Myslenski said.

I also want people to take away that those who have a critical disability, you shouldn’t make any immediate assumptions about what they can or cannot do but you should take your time to realize everything that they can do and what they can offer.”

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