Elevate Your Client Gifts with BAD ASS Pizza Cutters

Gift Uniquely, Support a Cause, and Strengthen Your Client Relationships

Believe Us When We Say, "Great Marketing Strategy"
Works For Pizza Cutters

Elevate Your Client Relationships with Giftology

Embrace the art of strategic gifting with our BAD ASS Pizza Cutters, inspired by John Ruhlin’s Giftology principles. This campaign is designed not just to give a gift, but to create a memorable experience that resonates with your clients and showcases your thoughtfulness. 

By choosing a personalized, high-quality gift that stands out, you're not just giving something your clients will love; you're also embedding your MSP into their positive memories and conversations.
Personalized Impact
Each pizza cutter is personalized, making your clients feel truly valued and appreciated.

Unexpected Delight
Gift at unexpected times to leave a lasting impression, going beyond the predictable to surprise and delight your clients.

Shared Experiences
Encourage memorable moments that your clients can share with others, amplifying the impact of your gift.

How It Works

Choose Your Style

Select from three unique styles to start crafting your perfect client gift.


Add a personal touch with laser-cut names on our 22-inch stainless steel blade.

Gift & Give Back!

With every purchase, $10 goes to the Children’s Hospital.

Supporting Children's Health with Every Gift: Our Charity Challenge

Participate in our special promotion from March 1 to March 31, and make more than just an impression with your gifts. 

For each BAD ASS Pizza Cutter sold during this period, we're donating $10 to the Children’s Hospital. This is your opportunity to join a community of MSPs committed to making a difference. 

Help us reach our goal of donating $10,000 to provide vital care for children in need. Together, with every personalized cutter gifted, we're slicing through challenges and delivering hope.

See the Impact: Real Stories from Our MSP Partners

Jack, I loved your pizza cutter!
I'm doing a whole story about your cutter and the approach you used to get my attention - 
Please make 3 more for the Sharks Kevin O'Leary, Daymond John, and Robert Herjavec as gifts from me. And please come be my personal guest to meet them at my April Bootcamp.
You have an AMAZING Corporate Gift here.
Robin Robins
Technology Marketing Team
We met Jack at Robin Robins' annual Bootcamp. BADASS MSP & BAD ASS Pizza Cutter, PERFECT! We give several of these a month as client recognition and it is a success every time. ALL MSPs should take advantage of BAPC's "Thanks For The Slice Of Your Business" campaign. IT'S A BRILLIANT customer appreciation program!
Ryan Denning
V.P of Sales, CREWHU
The recipients are "wowed" every time.I met Jack at
 the Piedmont Arts Festival. He was very clever, very nice. I really like the brand identity. I give several a month to people for various types of accomplishments. The recipients are "wowed" every time. The Bad Ass Pizza Cutter is a winner!
Mike Hynes
Sr. V.P. Operations Reliance Steel Corporation
We purchased 100
for our 2022 employee holiday party. The response was overwhelmingly successful.
Scott Palmer
President, Painting Solutions, MO.

Unmatched Quality for
an Unparalleled Impression

Exceptional Craftsmanship
Crafted from 1/8" thick stainless steel, our 22-inch blade ensures durability and precision cutting for any pizza size. Its unique serial number signifies its exclusivity.

Customizable Handles
Choose between luxurious wooden handles or vibrant motorcycle-style grips, available in various colors, to match your or your client's style.

Personalized Perfection
Elevate the gifting experience with a personalized touch. Each cutter can feature the recipient's name laser-cut into the blade, making every piece one-of-a-kind.

A Gift That Stands Out
Not just a kitchen tool, but a statement piece that's both functional and display-worthy, ensuring it captures attention and appreciation.

Unlock Exclusive Rewards: Our Charity Challenge Prizes

Your participation in gifting BAD ASS Pizza Cutters not only supports a noble cause but also brings you the opportunity to win remarkable prizes. As we hit our campaign milestones, exciting rewards await to celebrate our collective success.

All participants will receive:
  • A $25 off coupon for 1-year to use for gift purchases
  • Participation in our weekly raffle for a FREE "PEACE, LOVE & PIZZA" t-shirt and 2 bullet glasses.
  • A free copy of John Ruhlin's book "Giftology" when purchasing 2 or more pizza cutters.

Milestone 1: 500 Blades Sold

Upon reaching 500 sold units, we unlock the grand prize – a testament to our shared effort and commitment.

One grand prize winner will receive:
  • The cost of a Robin Robin's boot camp ticket (up to $1500.00).

Milestone 2: 750 Blades Sold

Achieving 750 units sold elevates the grand prize with an additional Bad Ass BBQ Kit, enhancing your summer gatherings.

The winner will also recieve:
  • A BAD ASS BBQ Tool Kit (a $500 value!)
  •  A pizza party for your office and/or clients (up to 10 people).
MSP Contest Rules: Any MSP can enter. The Grand Prize will be awarded immediately. The winner will be determined as follows: Each unit purchased = one entry token. All tokens will be placed into a container and independent person will draw one token live on our Facebook page for the winner. The winner will be notified by email immediately. If you have any questions you can reach us at bajack@badasspizzacutter.com Good Luck

People Usually Have Questions

How do I participate in the campaign?
Simply purchase a BAD ASS Pizza Cutter between February 1 and March 31. Each purchase contributes to our charity goal and enters you for a chance to win exclusive prizes.
Can I personalize the pizza cutter with any name?
Yes, you can personalize the pizza cutter with the recipient's name. The customization option is available during the purchase process.
When will the donations be made to the Children's Hospital?
Donations will be tallied and made at the end of the campaign period, ensuring that every purchase contributes to our $10,000 donation goal.
How will I know if we've reached the milestone prizes?
We'll update participants via email and on our campaign page as each milestone is reached, keeping you informed about the rewards and our progress towards the donation goal.
What if I want to buy multiple pizza cutters for different clients?
You can purchase multiple pizza cutters in a single order. Each cutter can be personalized individually and will contribute towards the charity goal and prize eligibility.