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Welcome To Our Corporate Gifting Program

At BAD ASS Pizza Cutter, we understand that in the world of corporate relationships, the gesture of a gift is more than just a token; it's an opportunity to cultivate connections, show genuine appreciation, and leave a lasting impression.

Drawing inspiration from the principles outlined in John Ruhlin's book "Giftology," we've perfected the art of personalized
gifting, and our highest quality BAD ASS Pizza Cutter is the epitome of the perfect corporate gift. It's not just a pizza cutter; it's a symbol of your commitment to fostering meaningful relationships, and it's bound to make a statement that goes far beyond the slice.

  • Is It Practical? Definately!

  • Is It Luxurious? Made of surgical grade stainless steel. It's the nicest blade on the planet!

  • Does It Have Utility? You bet it does. It's not going in a landfill anytime soon. Pizza is the World's most popular food.

Our blade will be used for a lifetime to come, and every time it is they'll remember who gave it to them GAURANTEED!

The PERSONALIZED BAD ASS Pizza Cutter is a No Brainer WINNER!

Join Our Corporate Gifting Program Today And Let Us Partner With You To Elevate Your Gift Strategy To A Whole New Level.

"Appreciation is a wonderful thing. it makes what is excellent in others belong to us as well."


Corporate FAQs

It works EXCELLENTLY! Set up your private account HERE.

Once that is complete we will reach out for a short conversation to customize your program.

Absolutely! In fact, we encourage it.

Our corporate clients provide us with their high resolution logo. We then print it on high quality gift card stock. You tell us what to write inside and then we do so in fountain pen for an added touch of personal class!

If it fits in the box and you provide us with it, then we're happy to include it for you.

Yes, we set up a discount for ALL of our clients.

Direct shipping is actually the best method. Typical UPS rate for a single blade to anywhere in the continental US is around $12.00 per box. No need to waste time and money sending it twice.

We certainly do! We have sold our blades in 7 countries so far.

Feeling gratitude and not expressing it is like wrapping a present and not giving it."

-William Arthur Ward-

Robin Robin's - CEO Technology Marketing Team -

World's largest IT Marketing Firm, known Author & Children's Healthcare Advocate 

"Jack, I loved your pizza cutter! I'm doing a whole story about your cutter and the approach you used to get my attention - GOOD JOB THERE"

Please make 3 more for the Sharks Kevin O'Leary, Daymond John, and Robert Herjavec as gifts from me. And please come be my personal guest to meet them at my April Bootcamp.

You have an AMAZING Corporate Gift here.


Ryan Denning - V.P of Sales, CREWHU -

We met Jack at Robin Robins' annual Bootcamp. BADASS MSP & BAD ASS Pizza Cutter, PERFECT! We give several of these a month as client recognition and it is a success every time. ALL MSPs should take advantage of BAPC's "Thanks For The Slice Of Your Business" campaign. IT'S A BRILLIANT customer appreciation program!


Mike Hynes - Sr. V.P. Operations Reliance Steel Corporation -

I met Jack at the Piedmont Arts Festival. He was very clever, very nice. I really like the brand identity. I give several a month to people for various types of accomplishments. The recipients are "wowed" every time. The Bad Ass Pizza Cutter is a winner!


Scott Palmer - President, Painting Solutions, MO. -

"We purchased 100 for our 2022 employee holiday party. The response was overwhelmingly successful."


Thank You To Our Growing Family Of Corporate Partners