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Shipping             & Returns

Shipping Policy

Billy Gibbons WILL NOT be delivering your pizza cutter. Most stock items go out within 24-36 hours from the day the order is placed. We use various delivery methods. If you ordered from Amazon we are not responsible when their drivers run over your mailbox and drive through your yard. We've done our best to shake down UPS, USPS, FedEx etc... for the best rates we can get. So, you have a few

Return & Exchange Policy

All BAD ASS Pizza Cutters come with a lifetime guarantee for craftsmanship. We also offer a 100% money back product satisfaction guarantee. If it is a stock item and you don't like it (hard to believe but hey not everyone is cool) you may return it within 90 days of purchase for a full refund with no questions asked. You don't even need the original box. Who keeps that crap? You do have to pay to send it back to us but, you can keep all the schwag we gave you. And, it must arrive back to us undamaged - so pack it appropriately.


If it is a Custom made or Personalized BAD ASS Pizza Cutter then you have two options. If there is a quality defect then we'll replace it free of charge upon receipt of the defective item(s) returned to us and our assessment. You pay to send it back to us and if it is in fact defective then we will refund your shipping cost. We reserve the right to offer you a complete replacement of the same or updated item, or a stock item and a refund of the price difference. Either way there is no need for unnecessary crying because we'll make it all better. 

Clothes may be exchanged provided they are clean and have not been worn. Clothes may be exchanged for clothes. Pizza Cutters may be exchanged for pizza cutters. 

Privacy Policy

It's very simple - We are PCI compliant and we don't share our customer info with anybody for any reason. 

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